Ecovative Biogrown Mushroom Packaging

Mushroom Packaging is a premium alternative to conventional packing materials such as polyurethane. Created with a mixture of mycelium, corn husks along with water and flour, the foam grows within the form for its application. High performance standards compared to conventional packaging materials and capable of biodegrading and home-composting unlike polyurethane or other petroleum based packing materials. Mushroom Packaging is a viable alternative and is price-competitive against alternatives with more positive value created after its use.

Examples of packaging uses in industries such as industrial equipment, furniture, ceramics & glassware, automotive components, wine and electronics; Dell computers has already adopted Mushroom Packaging for its packing and shipping needs vastly decreasing its ecological footprint. This technology is also useful in replacing plastics used in insulation and acoustic applications for residential and commercial use.


  • High performing
  • Has a premium, natural aesthetic
  • Price competitive with most fabricated plastic foams
  • Unbeatable environmental story
  • Home-compostable and sustainable
  • Non-abrasive
  • Custom designed to fit your products
  • Not derived from petroleum or food
  • Made in the USA

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