Bring in Natural Light with Translucent Concrete

Concrete can be considered a material with a very cold characteristic that can drastically influence the mood of the space it occupies. However, new developments with fiber optics brings a whole new dimension to concrete. Light-transmitting concrete is filled with optical fibers that run from one surface of the concrete to the other allowing the prefabricated concrete panels to transmit light.

The optical fibers can transmit light to over 50 feet with little loss in the natural color of the light as well as only occupying a fraction of the space in the block, the concrete doesn’t lose any density and keeps its structural capabilities. Because of its ability to transmit light through the panels or blocks it may also improve heat loss and cost as well as bringing natural lighting into a room without the use of windows. Its applications can only be limited to the imaginations of architects and designers.


  • Brings in natural light
  • Reduces the need for electricity
  • Translucent concrete made with optical fibers
  • Processed like natural stone as slabs
  • Used for wall cladding, facades, floors or furniture
  • Light transmitting concrete can glow from inside

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